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First Appointment

The first visit begins by giving you a local anesthetic. Depending upon the type of local anesthetic used, you can expect to be numb for one to four hours. If your anesthesia should last longer, do not be concerned, not everyone reacts to medication in the same manner.

Once you are numb, Dr. Skovron will shape your teeth in order to maximize the retention and cosmetics of your new bridge. After the teeth are fully prepared, we proceed with the impression stage, where we make a mold of your teeth we have just shaped to receive the bridge.

Should you experience any discomfort you can take a mild analgesic (Tylenol™, Advil™, Aleve™, etc.) as long as 

there is no medical contraindication based upon your medical history. Typically, you can take anything you would normally take for a headache. If the discomfort persists, please call us.

Once the impression stage is completed , we will place a temporary bridge on your teeth. The temporary cementing medium used is designed to allow the easy removal of the temporary at your next scheduled visit.

There are a couple of additional facts you should know about regarding the care of your temporary bridge:

Home care is extremely important while your temporary bridge is in place. The health of your gum tissue and the success of your final bridge depends upon it. PLEASE do not be afraid to clean your teeth between visits. With a minimal amount of home care, you should be able to maintain the continued health of your teeth and gum tissue during the time required to fabricate your new bridge.

Sometimes, even with meticulous care, temporary bridges may become loose between visits. If this should occur, please place the temporary bridge back on your teeth immediately. Putting a drop of VaselineTM in the temporary bridge will very often increase the retention and hold the temporary in place until you can schedule an appointment. If you cannot replace the temporary bridge yourself, put it in a safe place and call the office. We will be happy to recement it for you at the earliest possible moment.

Second Appointment

At that time, the temporary bridge is removed and any temporary cement is cleaned from the teeth. Dr. Skovron will fit the final bridge, check for accuracy, adjust for any bite discrepancies and evaluate the cosmetics. If all of these factors are acceptable, the bridge is bonded to your teeth. It is not unusual for the new bridge to be mildly sensitive to cold or pressure for a few weeks. However, if the sensitivity is severe, does not subside, or if the bite feels uncomfortable, contact us. Further adjustments to the bridge may be necessary.